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If you are a struggling blogger who has a problem with understanding codes and you despise the process of customization because it is so troublesome, then thesis wordpress is for you. This theme framework was made keeping in mind a few areas of concern amongst bloggers. This framework enables you blog’s response time to be reduced and hence you have a lot of speed at your hands. Apart from that you also get a number of easy options that allow you to customize heavily such as move and introduce boxes around and such. For many bloggers, it makes blogging a much more fulfilling experience and it makes those everyday programming tasks associated with blogging much more worry-free. Thesis comes code-free and even if you are unaware of the processes of CSS and all, you will get by fine. Another thing that troubled people at WordPress which they sought to solve through the introduction of thesis wordpress is the issue of the complex control panel that was difficult to use. Safe to say, bloggers do not have to worry about that anymore.


The creators of WordPress wanted to meet certain high standards so thesis has it all. Firstly, there is the concept of high-tech code which has been simplified so that users are not confused anymore. Secondly, there has been a genuine effort to lessen the amount of pixels you’ll find in display and your images will look better than ever. The layout has also improved and you can add all kinds of add-ons and plug-ins. In fact it will also be easier for your readers to find the information or content they are looking for with this impressive brand new page layout. Thesis has made it possible for you to put any amount of multimedia content on your blog and it will be still be highly accessible to your users. Another perk that you will now be able to enjoy with thesis wordpress is that of great support. There are many ways to get your problems addressed; one of which is through the use of online forums. You can interact with other users and bloggers and hopefully arrive at the solution to your problem.

Thesis wordpress brings increased flexibility with it as well. There is no end to what you can do and the changes you can incorporate. Knowledge of code is no longer a prerequisite and thesis has been created putting code out of the way so bloggers need not worry about it anymore. The interface for WordPress has been redesigned to make it better for users and you will find considerable changes when you download thesis. Thesis addresses the real purpose of blogging as it used to be when it all started. Blogging is so you can keep the world (including complete strangers) updated about what’s happening in your life or about a topic or product you really care about. It is about expression and material and uniqueness. No one has ever started blogging because they wanted to deal with code and all the complexities it comes with.


Thesis helps you to reach out to your target audience and capture their viewership and interest as effectively as anyone can. This is guaranteed to increase your overall followers and all of them will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. Usability is another feature that will make blogging wonderful for you again and your users may just share your enthusiasm. Any questions you come up with while you are using thesis will be answered through the framework’s brilliant support system and bugs etc will be solved very quickly as soon as you report them.

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