Ways To Use A Cheap Dedicated Server

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The choice of using a cheap dedicated server will give you access to some of the best hosting that you can have. You will have all of the security, speed, and software options that you will need to build an advanced website that will be able to rank highly in the search engines. With a dedicated server you are in charge of the entire server and do not have to share any of the space or resources with anyone else. This means that dedicated hosting is also going to be one of the most expensive forms of web hosting but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Many businesses believe that they cannot afford dedicated server hosting or try to go with something cheaper in order to save money but soon find that a lot of money is lost with cheaper hosting and the downtime that comes along with it. There are three types of dedicated servers that you can purchase.


An Unmanaged Dedicated Server

This used to be the only way that you could get a dedicated server and many still believe that it is the best way because they have not kept up with the times and investigated other dedicated server options. Buying, housing, and managing the servers is a large expense, both up front and continuing, for any business. It requires training of staff to monitor those servers 24 hours a day year round and it can be difficult for a small staff to keep up with all of the advancements, patches, and security updates that come out on a regular basis. Severs also require a climate controlled room to keep them in good working order adding even more cost before you even get your server set up and operating. A connection to the internet will be required as well. Do yourself a favor and do not try to run your own servers.



With this type of dedicated server hosting you still own the servers but someone else manages them and stores them for you. You can either buy the server yourself and having it shipped to the collocation company or you can buy the server directly from them, which may be the better option unless you already have servers and will just be moving them. The collocation company will charge you a monthly rate for the storage of your server and the resources that it will consume in their data facility. This monthly fee may or may not include physical maintenance on the server which is normally billed by the hour with a limited number of hours included in the monthly fee. Most web hosting companies that offer collocation services also offer your next option which, for most people, is going to be the best choice for your dedicated server needs.

Managed Hosting


Managed hosting is the most popular form of dedicated web hosting now for a very good reason, you don’t have to worry about the server because it isn’t yours. You rent a dedicated server from a web hosting company for a monthly or yearly fee and they handle all of the details. The web hosting company handles maintaining the data center as well as the server itself including all patches and security updates that its operating system may need. This also eliminates the large outlay of cash required to purchase a server and any repair bills because if the server you are renting breaks then the hosting company simply replaces it with another and you move on with very little downtime if you have chosen to rent your server from one of the larger, reputable web hosting companies.

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