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Many business websites are searching for the best web hosting company which will provide them discount coupons that they can use to avail of other services offered by that company. Reading online reviews could be of great help when determining the right hosting company to avail. In this case, iPage hosting has proven its means of being on the top due to unlimited ipage coupon codes which it provides to its customers.

What is iPage Hosting

IPage is a company known in providing web hosting services since the year 1998. The company has a well-equipped and trained management staffs who are highly experienced with their web hosting services making Ipage one of the fastest growing hosting companies today.

The company has a lot of good features and services that will surely provide its customers with ease when trying to purchase a web hosting. This is quite true with its ipage coupon which can be used for a limited time especially when availing important upgrades and services.

Core Features of iPage Hosting

The good thing about iPage hosting is that it provides unlimited perks that can be used by its customers within their website. These services and features are just two of the many reasons why a lot of people are getting hold of its hosting services. Due to the company’s motivation to provide customers with the best service, iPage gives out coupons and discount codes to help them avail of the services in a much cheaper price.

Some of the services provided by iPage are as follows:

The iPage Email Services

This has been one of the eye-catching services offered by iPage. It includes the Microsoft Exchange Mail, Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services, additional POP email accounts to match your chosen domain name and a premium spam filter to ensure that you are receiving spam-free emails from your own list of trusted email senders.

Free Website Templates

For people who do not have any idea on how to build a website, iPage Hosting provides free, ready-to-use templates to suit your taste. When you start to sign up with iPage, either with or without coupons, you will be eligible of choosing free templates which you can use as your web design.

IPage’s Web Hosting Coupons

One of the much-awaited perks offered by iPage hosting is its coupon codes. These ipage discount coupons are regarded as one of the best web hosting coupons offered. It helps in lowering the price of a certain plan or package making it a deal that is worth the grab.

Domain Name Registration

It is one of the things that iPage hosting is proud of. Among all companies who are claiming to provide cheap domain names, iPage is the only one who can give domain names with no hidden costs.

WordPress Blog Hosting

The popularity of WordPress is the reason why a lot of people, whether for personal or business use, are using it. IPage provides a smooth way of uploading all the contents of your website. One can readily download the software of WordPress into the InstallCentral of iPage with just one click.

Exceptional Customer Service

With their team of well-trained customer service representatives, you will never have to worry about not getting the right answer to your questions. In just one call, all your problems regarding web hosting will be gone in no time.

Apart from the one-of-a-kind services offered by iPage, you can tell that they definitely deserve to be on top because of the features that they offer with their plans and packages. Using your ipage discount coupons, you will never have to worry about the price of the hosting package that you would want to avail of. Here are some important features that can be used when signing up for an iPage Hosting package online:

  • Large disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and MySQL databases are allowed
  • Free Drag and Drop site builder for non-technical web users
  • Free-template site builder
  • A very affordable personalized domain name
  • Easy-to-use blog setup tool
  • Unlimited email addresses that can be generated using your domain name
  • Free webmail which you can use to check online
  • 24/7 Phone, Email and Chat support
  • 24/7 monitoring of network
  • Virus and anti-spam checkers

Getting web hosting services from iPage can give you the convenience of having everything that you need for website creation. They never fail to provide high quality services to their customers because of they know how much it means to be able to get a one-of-a-kind hosting service without having to worry about things that would usually complicate you, especially those who are not really trained of having enough web designing skills.

IPage hosting can be the best way to give you a smooth-sailing website in just one click!

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