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WP Engine is basically a hosting company that has been created exclusively to support and check WordPress websites and blogs. The most notable thing about this company is that it not only identifies the problems with WordPress sites but it also suggests ways to rectify the problems. With WP Engine the performance of your website will increase by a thousand times.

What Makes WP Engine So Special?
WP Engine has a dedicated staff which only deals with WordPress related problems and queries. The people at WP Engine are WordPress experts having more than 8 years experience in website development. Jason Cochen, the Co-founder of WP Engine has been involved in WordPress development since 2004 and has also written several books on WordPress including the WordPress Bible. On the other hand, WP Engine servers are amazingly fast and stable. With WP Engine your website will load fast, and by fast I mean extremely fast. Their server speed is very impressive. The company also adopts a stringent no ‘over selling’ policy. This means that their servers are not overcrowded and hence speed is not compromised. Meanwhile, if there is a sudden gush in traffic then your website traffic is rerouted to other servers automatically. Another thing which makes this company so special is that it helps you move your website. If you are lazy or don’t want to take the burden of moving your website, the folks at WP Engine will manage it for you. One unique feature that puts this company a step ahead from other companies in the same industry is its Hacker cleanup guarantee. Hacker Cleanup Guarantee simply implies that WP Engine will be responsible for the fixing and cleaning up your website in case it gets hacked.


WP Coupons
WP Engine mainly offers 4 types of plans called the Personal Plan, Professional Plan, Business plan and Premium plan. Out of all these plans, the Personal plan is the most inexpensive plan and it is priced at $29 per month. The Professional and business plan cost $99 & $249 respectively. With the Personal plan users are allows to only host 1 domain whereas for Professional and business plan users can host 10 domains and 25 domains respectively. With Premium Plan users can host as many domains as they want, there are no restrictions.

For some people, the cost of acquiring a WP Engine plan might be high but they should not worry as there are a number of discounts and coupons offered by this company. Currently, the company is offering a 60 day risk free trial of any plan. Moreover, the company is also offering a coupon code called . This coupon allows you to use the Personal Plan for 3 months at the rate of $4 per month. Furthermore, you can also redeem the ‘2months off coupon’ which gives you 2 months of free usage of any WP Engine plan if you make an advance payment for 1 whole year at the time of signing for the plan.


As I mentioned earlier, the best thing about WP Engine is that its staff is expert in WordPress. The company offers exceptional support and the main reason for this is that WP Engine adopts a customer oriented approach. The main aim of this company is 100 percent customer satisfaction. Furthermore, with WP Engine your website problems can be resolved quickly. The customer support staff at WP Engine is very friendly and WordPress literate. They don’t waste time asking you questions, they identify the problems at once and resolve them. WP Engine is undoubtedly one of the best hosting companies for WordPress.

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