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Both WP Engine and Synthesis are web hosting providers that provide quality web hosting solutions to millions of customer worldwide. Web Synthesis is backed by Copy blogger Media, LLC which is the same company backing products such as Genesis WP Framework and Scribe SEO. A lot of people ask me whether they should choose WP Engine for their hosting needs or Web Synthesis hence today I am going to compare both these companies side by side. The comparison will be made on factors such as pricing, plans, customer support and overall features.


Pricing and plans
WP Engine offers 3 plans namely Personal, Professional and Business plan. The Business plan is the most costly plan and is most ideal for big businesses. This plan costs $249 per month and includes 25 WordPress installations, up to 400000 page visits each month, 30GB local storage and unlimited bandwidth.

On the contrary, the cheapest plan offered by WP Engine is called the Personal plan. This plan is priced at $29 per month and incorporates 1 WP installation, 25000 page visits per month, 10Gigabyte local storage and unrestricted data transfer. The last plan that is called the Professional plan is the most cost-effective plan offered by WP Engine. This plan costs $99 per month and includes 10 WP installations, unlimited data transfer, 20 Gigabyte local storage and 100000 page visits per month. On the other hand, the company also offers a Premium plan which is a fully customizable plan.
Meanwhile, some additional features that are incorporated in WP Engine plans are daily backups , enterprise architecture , no caching plug-in , international data center , top-shelf hardware , malware scanning , firewall , no locking , SSL support , round the clock customer support and managed upgrades.


Web Synthesis offers 4 plans namely Starter, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise. The starter plan costs as low as $27 per month and includes a number of feature such as round the clock customer support, money back guarantee , 1 domain , shared memory , 3GB storage space and 2500 page views per day. The Professional plan offered by this company costs $97 per month and includes 2 domains, 40GB storage space, 20000 page views each day and 1GB storage space.

Furthermore, the Advanced plan costs $147 per month and offers 5 domains, 85000 page views per day, 80GB storage space and2GB memory. The most costly plan offered by Web Synthesis is called the Enterprise plan. This plan costs $300 per month and incorporates 5 domains, 300000 page views per day, 160GB storage space and 4GB memory. Some additional features that each plan include are 24/7 support, genesis support, dedicated VPS, uptime management, iWatch support, managed performance VPS, CloudFlare support and Daily backups.

Customer support
Both, Web Synthesis and WP Engine offer outstanding customer support. Their customer support staff is well trained and highly skilled to solve all your problems. Moreover, Web Synthesis’s and WP Engine’s customer support department can be reached via email, chat or telephone.

Coupons and discounts
Offering discounts & coupons is part of a company’s promotional strategy. During my research on these companies I discovered that WP Engine offers more discounts and coupons as compared to Web Synthesis.


After doing an in-depth research on WP Engine and Web Synthesis I came to a conclusion that WP Engine is slightly better than WP Engine. WP Engine offers more features as compared to Web Synthesis. Furthermore, I also read various customer reviews of both these companies. Generally WP Engine’s customers were really happy with its services. I found a couple of negative reviews of Web Synthesis. The bottom line is that both these companies are good companies but if I had to pick my ultimate hosting provider it would certainly be WP Engine.

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