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In order to acquaint yourself with a wpengine dns you have to know what a dns is to begin with. A dns is a system that deals with domain names and transfers them into a more usable form known as an IP address. Since the early times it seems that you could locate practically any website by knowing what its IP address was. This is still the case to a certain extent. A dns helps make this process of finding particular websites easy because IP addresses tend to be long and they can be difficult to memorize if we actually have to do it.


A dns makes sure that you have to remember as little as possible and that you can still find the site you are looking for if you wish. You can imagine that this little trick makes our everyday browsing a whole lot easier. The whole world seems to be on the internet and the dns concept helps make it work. Your nameservers are what should determine where you choose to set up this process of a dns.

The wpengine dns works differently since the Wpengine does not in fact have any nameservers and you cannot upload the relevant records about dns through this database. Where you bought your domain name from hence becomes very important as you will have to register with them for it. Getting a domain name registered might seem like a challenging undertaking for people who are not very tech-savvy but it just requires a simple series of steps.

The nameservers that you possess will link themselves almost automatically to the registrar that you are registered with. You have nothing to worry about as registrars usually know how to set up dns very easily and they will take care of it. The registrar also has knowledge about all your nameservers. Carrying out wpengine dns has never been easier.
Registrars are there to help so you must contact them at any point if you are having a hard time getting this done. Most companies are available at all times of the day and night so getting in touch with them is not difficult. Configuring dns is where it gets tricky and fortunately you have your respective registrar to help you out with it.
Getting your dns configured has to wait till you are absolutely ready to make the shift. The shift in this case is of the website onto a Wpengine. Test the dns that you have been given by using your issued account name at the engine itself. There are other ways as well to test your personal website if you wish to.


If for some reason you find that you website doesn’t work after you carried out the dns process, postpone going through the instructions. Your first instinct should be to contact the company’s expert team as soon as possible and let them figure out how troubleshooting is to take place. Trying to solve the problem on your own may make it even more difficult to get the job done. Make a ticket in the Zendesk and your problem will be attended to as soon as can be. If you have a domain name that is custom made you will have to carry out configuration on the dns that you possess.

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