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Getting cdn hosting for images depends on many factors. Firstly there are many providers out there that just don’t cut it. They make all kinds of outrageous claims about their services and infrastructure but when the time comes they leave their customers in a lot of jeopardy because they just do not have the technology to provide quality cdn. When deciding to use cdn to improve the operations of your website, be sure to increase your budget. Remember that free or cheap cdn removes the benefits of using content delivery mechanisms to begin with. If your area of use is in image content delivery then it can be considered to be fairly basic. Cdn provision tends to get more complicated when video and audio come into the mixture. If you site deals with art or photography and is going to focus on just images and photographs, then you are in a position to negotiate a cheaper deal with even a premium provider. Make sure you read up on the many packages that each of these providers offer so that you do not end up overpaying for services that you could get for much less somewhere else. Try not to trust pop up ads or offers as they are usually spam and have nothing to do with the mentioned company.


SimpleCDN and MaxCDN are two companies that are widely chosen by website owners who are looking for good services as far as cdn images are concerned. These companies generally offer increased disk space and bandwidth and also grant unlimited download capacity to their clients. If you are going to be hosting hundreds of images, these two companies can get you the deal that you need. Another trick that they offer is multiple, fast servers that make sure your website is at the top of the order when it comes to response time and content accessibility. The advantage of cdn is that static content is used so that information (in this case images) can get through very quickly without causing a server overload. In cdn systems, a central server is helped by many smaller servers so that web services can be provided smoothly without hold up. This sort of reliability is one of the reasons why people try to go for cdn nowadays rather than web hosting of an ordinary nature. The only possible downside is that cdn services for cdn images can be a costly undertaking and many website owners simply cannot afford it if they are not making enough money off their sites.


Google is perhaps the only company that has been able to provide really reliable servers free of charge through their very own cdn service. But chances are that they are quite unique because most free providers cannot be trusted with your website. What often happens with free or cheaper providers is that unnecessary technical problems start cropping up and it takes time to fix them. This is time that the website owner simply cannot give away because every hour that is lost with the site not being up, can turn costly in the form of users lost. Revenue being lost also starts to become a concern in these cases. When looking for cdn provision for images and pictures, try to go for a provider that has bases in most major areas in the world. This among other things can give you wider exposure because cdn operates on the principle of connecting the user to the server that is in close proximity. If you want your site to work, you cannot let yourself be limited in terms of exposure.

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