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Headway Themes is basically a theme builder for the popular blogging platform WordPress. Using the Headway Themes visual editor you can create a page, edit it, and edit fonts and much more.
Pricing And Plans
Headway themes offer 2 types of plans. The first plan is called the BASE plan. This plan costs $87 and includes features such as headway grid, unlimited design controls and Blocks. Furthermore, this plan can be used on any website and also includes up to 1 year of updates and supports. Meanwhile, the other plan is called DEVELOPER plan and as the name suggests, it is most suitable for developers. Just like the BASE plan, this plan also includes features such as Headway grid, unrestricted design controls and Blocks. However, this plan also includes some extra developer features such as community builder block and up to 4 Headway extended credits. The best part is that both the plans come with a 14 day money back guarantee.


Notable Features Of Headway Themes
The Headway Visual Editor
By far the best feature of Headway is its visual editor. It is just like illustrator or Photoshop. The visual editor has a control panel which lets you do almost anything from designing the layout to adding images. Working on the visual editor is simply amazing and easy. It all depends on your own creativity, the more ideas you have for your webpage the better you can design it with the help of Headway visual editor.

Headway Wizard
The Headway wizard creates a color palette based on the colors that you assign it. Hence, with the wizard, color palettes can be created within no time and they can also be saved for further purposes.


Customization control
Headway allows you to have full control over your website. Almost anything on your website can be changed according to your requirements using the customization controls.
Headway offers good support to its customers. A complete documentation is available which tells users how they can utilize Headway Themes. Moreover, there is also a forum available on the official website of Headway Themes. Users can discuss their problems on the forum and also find solutions.

Search engine optimization
Headway Themes also offers SEO services. The main aim of its SEO service is to enhance your sites rating so that it can be found by thousands of potential visitors. Moreover, Headway offers SEO option for every page of your website.


Few Drawbacks of Headway Themes
With so many advantages and features also come a few drawbacks. The first drawback is that Headway offers very limited number of fonts. Hence, font junkies will be disappointed. Furthermore, you might also have difficulties adding fonts to your website and actually getting them to work. You won’t find much help online regarding how you can add fonts to your website.

Regardless of the drawbacks, Headway Themes is a great product. It is one of the premium WordPress themes frameworks in the market. For people who don’t have much knowledge about website development, this product is like an angel. It is simple to use and offers numerous features. Moreover, for the developers, this product saves time and they can develop amazing websites in little time. The Headway plans are economical compared to the plans of several other companies in the same field. You can also find numerous coupons codes and discounts that will help to lower the price of the plans. The bottom line is that I recommend everyone to try this product as it is unique. You can also read Headway Reviews online if you have any doubts regarding the credibility of this company.

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