Zippykid vs Wp Engine

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Launched in 2010 in Texas, USA, Zippykid is primarily a hosting company that offers various other services such as malware scanning, content delivery network, SSL and firewall protection. The company offers reliable, secure and affordable hosting solutions to millions of customers worldwide. On the contrary, WP Engine is also headquartered in Texas, USA. WP Engine offers reliable web hosting solutions to millions of WordPress websites.

Zippykid mainly offers 3 different plans to its customers. The lowest priced plan is called the Solo plan. This plan costs $25 per month and includes 1 website and 100000 page-views every month. The company offers another plan called the Small business plan. This plan costs $700 per month and incorporates 5 websites and 150000page-views. The most costly plan offers by Zippykid is called the High Profile plan. This plan costs $399 per month and includes 1 websites and 1,000,000 page-views. Furthermore, all Zippykid plans incorporate features such as CDN, SSL support, IDS or intrusion detection systems, SFTP access, managed upgrades and dedicated IP support.

Compared to Zippykid, WP Engine offers 3 plans namely Personal, Professional and Business plan. The Personal plan costs $29 per month and includes features such as 1 WP install, unlimited bandwidth, 10 Gigabytes local storage and 25000 visits per month. The Professional plan costs $99 per month and incorporates 10 WP installs, 100000 page-visits per month, 20gigabytes local storage and unlimited bandwidth. The 3rd plan which is the Business plan is most ideal for large businesses website. This plan offers up to 25WP installs, 400000 page-visits per month, 30GB local storage and unlimited data transfer. Moreover, all WP Engine plans come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Customer Support
A reliable and trustworthy hosting company always offers round the clock customer support to its customers. When it comes to offering quality customer support Zippykid and WP Engine both score equal marks. The customer support offered by these companies is reliable and efficient. Their customer support department can be reached via phone, chat or email. Moreover, both these companies have a ‘support’ section on their official website where you can find numerous articles and frequently asked questions. Lastly, the customer support staff at Zippykid and WP Engine is highly trained and experienced to solve any kind of problems.

Affiliate Program
WP Engine offers an affiliate program but ZippyKid doesn’t. This is one area in which WP Engine outshines its competitor. WP Engine’s affiliate program is known for its high payout model. Affiliates can make as much as $150 per referral. Moreover, WP Engine pays commission to its affiliates every month. The more people you refer to WP Engine the higher you can earn. WP Engine’s affiliate program is most suitable for students and part time workers who want to make some extra bucks.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials
When I was doing my research on Zippykid and WP Engine I got a chance to read various customer reviews of both these hosting companies. Generally it seemed that Zippykid’s customer were really happy with its customer support and reliable services. On the other hand, WP Engine’s customers were pleased with its reliable hosting services and its customer support. However, while reading the customer reviews I generally felt that WP Engine’s reviews appeared to be slightly better than Zippykid’s reviews. I could hardly find any negative comment about WP Engine and its services.

The bottom line is that both Zippykid and WP Engine are world class web hosting companies. However, when it comes to making a choice between them I would recommend everyone to choose WP Engine as it offers a few more features than with counterpart.

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